You’re running a local business, and it’s your top priority to make sure that business thrives. How can you be sure your business will be a success if you’re not tracking all of your marketing, customer, sales and transaction data? How can you take so much big data and make sense of it all to understand what is working for your business, and what is not?

This is where attribution comes in.

In terms of marketing, attribution is the process of understanding user actions, and assigning a value to those actions. For example, if you are a carpet cleaner and you notice that every time you send out a referral discount, your new business increases by 2%, you can likely attribute that new business to the referral discount. But how can you be sure? And is that the only data that you want to track?

It’s true that 89% of marketers think attribution is important, but only 66% use a single touch attribution model. That means all of that other data that is so beneficial to your business is being lost and wasted.

There are many services out there that will claim to track the data and show you a complete ROI but then you have your offline transactional data that probably isn’t considered if it isn’t tracked somewhere in the system. FreshLime is doing it all – the complete picture, to show you what’s working and what isn’t in your local business. You will be able to better plan, better execute, and get a better return on your marketing spend every day. Get started today and get set up – you have nothing to lose with our money-back guarantee, and you will join a team of 1000’s of companies who are making sense of their marketing and growth like never before. Sign up by clicking on the green button below today!

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