Did you know that one in three Google searches has local intent? That means that one-third of people searching for a business on Google are searching for a local business, just like yours, to complete a service for them. So here is what we know is important to these googling consumers:

  • 61% said that they are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-optimized site. What software platform did you build your website on? Chances are it can be converted to mobile very easily depending on the interface. If you can’t find the information ask the company you used to build your website and they should be able to point you in the right direction. How do you know if it’s mobile-friendly? You will know when you look at your website on a mobile phone. If it’s difficult to find info and for people to contact you then it’s not optimized. If you’re not tracking this data for yourself, and understanding what you need to do as a business owner, you could potentially take a big hit on your bottom line. You may not even know you are missing out on that revenue. But you are!
  • Focusing on your online reviews is vital to any local business. 88% of customers will find online reviews just as trustworthy as personal recommendations. It’s true! Most people will trust the online reviews from your previous customers, just as much as they’d trust an opinion of a close friend. These days you can find online reviews on almost any social site and there are plenty of reviews sites as well that will recommend (or warn others against) your business. Start with Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc and then look for niche reviews sites in your industry.

Understanding your company’s online visibility and improving it is key to building a successful business!