Yesterday I was on a call with a large small business aggregator that I had worked with in the past. I was taken back a little when a new employee at this company asked “Can you tell me more about this ‘Voodoo’ Marketing solution you offer?” It’s puzzling where the connotation comes from because we see great results from our customer engagement efforts within a few weeks after starting to work with any new customer. As I think about this question I have to bring clarity to these marketing attribution campaigns considered by some to be “VooDoo”. Is the concern legit? Is the industry misleading? Let’s take a look at the facts:

So, what does FreshLime do for a Small Business?

  1. The FreshLime “Small Business” Dashboard provides clarity across all marketing channels.  We give small businesses the data and insights they need to align their employees under one common goal: Revenue (yes real customer transactions…that is cash in-hand and money in the bank)
  2. The FreshLime platform makes the small business data actionable. What is data good for if it is not actionable? Customer lists, service histories, communication records, marketing efforts, and transaction histories are all useless in single siloes. With API connections to marketing hubs, accounting platforms, and service software, we quickly identify what is working best, and determine new opportunities to create success for the small business.
  3. Finally, no more guessing. For most small business owners they have had no way to connect the dots between all of these data sources. FreshLime’s platform turns all of this disconnected data into a personalized marketing road map that has a positive effect on their bottom line.

A few years ago Marc Andreessen of Bay Area VC Firm Andreessen Horowitz said we need to end “bullshit metrics”. Traditional metrics like impressions don’t work. He was particularly interested in metrics about app downloads and other mobile metrics. The same statement holds true today in the small business advertising space. The problem today is that billions of dollars are spent each year by small business owners only to get “BS” Metrics back from the guys selling them advertising.

Is helping the small business owner understand the true value of their marketing efforts “VooDoo”?  I think not. It is 2016 and the technology exists that will help business owners both large and small to profit from their marketing efforts, and more important keep those customers coming back for years to come.  

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