Now that businesses are opening back up and service professionals are able to go into customers’ homes again, there are steps that need to be taken to adjust to the “new normal.” Hopefully, we will soon be able to get back to the way life was before the pandemic, but in the meantime, meeting with customers following a quarantine comes with its own set of challenges. Customers might not feel totally comfortable having someone in their home without a mask on, or without knowing what safety precautions are being taken. There are some things small businesses can do to ensure the safety of their customers and employees, while making everyone feel comfortable:


  • Wear a Mask Indoors: Many states have requested that everyone wear a mask when they’re in public settings. This is to protect the people you are around from contracting any illness you could be carrying. To make your customers feel safe having you and your employees in their homes, masks should be worn indoors.
  • Wash Your Hands Before and After Each Home Service: You’re likely doing this anyway, but with the spread of COVID, now is the time to remind employees that they should be thoroughly washing their hands before and after each home service in order to avoid carrying germs from one home to the next.
  • Check Employee Temperatures Each Day: One safety measure some businesses have implemented is to check employee temperatures each day before they visit any customers. This is to ensure that they aren’t actively spreading COVID, since we’ve learned a fever can be the first symptom. 
  • Notify Customers of Your Safety Measures: When businesses implement new procedures to keep themselves and their customers safe, it’s important to let customers know. People want to feel safe and know that you have their best interests in mind. Send a quick email letting customers know that you’re back in business and you’re taking the appropriate steps to keep everyone healthy and safe. 


Meeting with customers following a quarantine is an exciting time for businesses and consumers. Businesses are able to build up their revenue 

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