Across the board, in online articles about leadership, 5 qualities were mentioned most in conjunction with a successful leader.

When it comes to growing your business, believe it or not there is more to it than marketing attribution and marketing automation (you might think otherwise if you read our blog:). One of the most crucial aspects to a business is how it’s run and the person behind making all major decisions. There are leaders of all kinds in the workplace, but we scoured the internet to find the Top 5 qualities of a successful leader most mentioned. This is what we discovered:

Organized – A noble leader is one who’s able to achieve multiple tasks throughout the day. Without organization and order, one wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as they would like and need. Organization includes: time, money, personal space, and scheduling, and sometimes most importantly, delegation. Having order in every role you hold, will allow you to become the best individual you can be.

Confident – It’s perceptible to those around you when you give off an aura of confidence. When holding this quality within your business, it makes others want to listen. It gives comfort to your employees when they see their leader demonstrate poise in the overall goal. Confidence can be learned, but it helps to be involved with things you truly believe in.

Aware – Great leaders are those who understand that by working together, goals and tasks are achieved. These individuals are able to see what works and what needs to improve within their business. They also realize that they’re only as strong as their weakest player and that it’s important build every team. Having awareness allows you to have a realistic outlook on your company and allows you to make smart business decisions.

Inspirational – Those who are motivating and are able to make a positive impact on the people around them make great leaders. Having this attribute allows others to learn from your wisdom and motivate them to do the best they can. Individuals who obtain this attribute are usually hard working and seek daily motivation themselves.

Positive – Having an optimistic personality automatically lures others around you. This type of trait brings people together and allows for an uplifting work environment and permits creativity. When leaders are encouraging, it makes others want to be better and to add on to the enriching atmosphere.

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