You may have heard of Facebook – it’s just this little social media network that over 200 million people in the US visit at least once a day to catch up on their lives. If you are on Facebook yourself, you’ve probably also seen ads from some big companies with big advertising budgets. But what you don’t see is the benefit thousands of small business are enjoying by using the same tactics and techniques that the big corporations use.

Here’s a fact of our modern life – you need to be running Facebook Ads to Attract Customers. And here’s the awesome part – you don’t even need to be on Facebook personally to do so.

Here are some great reasons you should be running Facebook Ads:

You can easily reach people close to your business – Facebook is by far the best place to do this online. 75% of the 200 million people on Facebook in the US use a mobile device to check-in, post photos, check updates, etc. That means Facebook can detect their location on photos, and in the language they use. That means you can target them geographically. You want new customers to hire you locally, right? Facebook is the best digital solution to your local marketing needs.

It’s easy to reach out to past customers to book business with you again – Did you know that approx 80% of your first-time customers never come back? If you are shaking your head in disbelief than you aren’t alone – most small businesses don’t even realize this dilemma! But it’s still true! So how do you get them back right now? Phone calls? Texts? Fliers? Emails? Those all add to the process of getting a customer to return, but another great option is far too under-utilized – Facebook. Although not all of your past customers are there, you can easily search for those whom you have basic information, like emails and phone numbers.

Couponing redemption is easily tracked – Do you know if your campaigns are actually working and if so which ones are performing the best? Probably not if you are amongst the 80% of small business owners out there that are frustrated with local advertising options. With the Facebook Offers app you know exactly who was delivered your coupon and how many are redeeming it. Transparency into marketing campaigns saves you money you are spending in other channels that aren’t working!

You will bring in new customers & increase repeat customer business – This is just a simple fact of advertising. The more visibility people have into your brand/company the more sales you will win. Dozens of studies have shown that it takes an average of 7-12 “touches” with your company until someone calls you to work or do a repeat job for them. 78% of Facebook users are on the social media platform every. single. day. You want to show up where they are, but without bugging them too much. Mastering your Facebook game is key to making this happen – it’s not sending them fliers, emails that might be going to their spam folder, etc. It’s in Facebook advertising.

It really works – Just Ask Stine Home & Yard Stine Home + Yard is a Louisiana-based home improvement store. Before Facebook advertising, they spent a lot of advertising dollars on local print and TV ads, and were looking for a way to more efficiently promote special deals and events, and ultimately drive in-store sales.

The company used Facebook Ads to promote seasonal events such as “Labor Day Tax Free Weekend,” where they featured photos of customers with the sales sign, images from the company’s coupon book, and promotional videos. All of these were targeted to potential or repeat customers who lived within 50 miles of their store. They combined Facebook Ads with Offers to promote exclusive deals and contests for their Stine Home + Yard’s Facebook community.

Over a 12-month period in 2013, Stine grew their sales by over 10% and decreased advertising costs by 22%. It really works.

Read the full success story on Facebook.

But here’s the big problem – You don’t know where to start. Facebook’s ad center is detailed with data and many options for advertising and strict regulations you have to follow in order for your ad to show up. The targeted audiences to choose have specific parameters and upload documents needed to correctly achieve the impact they are known for, and it’s not easy to figure out. You can spend money on the wrong person in the wrong location without realizing it for several campaigns. Then you have to figure out how frequently you should be running ads and then the process of designing posts and ads that your customers would be interested in.

Finally, there is a solution – For a long time, you had to figure out how to manage Facebook ads on your own. Not anymore. FreshLime has a new product designed specifically to develop, deliver, and drive results so that you don’t have to waste money trying to figure things out as you go. Our platform has the tools and built-in knowledge to understand where your target customers are, what will appeal to them, and how frequently they need to see advertising from your company. We do it all for you, take out the guesswork, and you collect leads, book more business and make more money. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

Give FreshLime Facebook Ads a try by setting up an appointment with Kristin HERE. Ask about our 3-month guarantee. We are excited to help your business grow!