Adapting to the “new normal” our society is faced with during the COVID-19 pandemic is tricky, especially for businesses. There are some changes that people are adjusting to that likely won’t stick once the pandemic is under control. However, there are some business changes that should be permanent, because consumers are going to expect a certain level of service that we weren’t offering before. 

Which changes should businesses keep permanently following the pandemic?

Quotes via Phone and FaceTime

In an effort to keep everyone healthy and safe, many service-based businesses have started offering quotes for their customers via phone calls or FaceTime, rather than in person. This isn’t possible for every job and consumers will understand that. When it is possible, it’s easier for business owners and consumers alike to offer these services through a digital channel. It saves time and money and keeps everyone socially distanced. This is one practice that should be permanent.

Curbside Pickup

Another change businesses have made that should be made permanent, even when it’s no longer necessary is curbside pickup. Consumers have loved the opportunity to place orders online and have their products brought out to them curbside. It may not be the most convenient for employees, but it makes life easier for consumers, which is the key to positive customer service. 

Extra Hygiene Measures

There’s nothing wrong with staying healthy even when we’re not experiencing a global pandemic! One thing is for sure, people aren’t going to feel comfortable jumping right back into our lives before the pandemic. Employees didn’t always feel the urgency to wash their hands thoroughly between visiting customers’ homes, and people didn’t always feel it was necessary to stay home when they had the sniffles. The truth is, both of these things should be permanent practices in the future. Staying home when you’re under the weather, washing hands frequently, and focusing on everyone’s health and well-being will only serve to benefit businesses and consumers as we move forward. 

Consumers are getting used to some of the changes businesses have had to make because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some changes are time consuming and bothersome, but some have actually made life easier for consumers, and people will come to expect these things even after life gets back to “normal.”

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