Fall is here! This week when I was looking to recreate an awesome lime-inspired recipe I started drooling at just the picture of this No-Bake Key Lime Mini Cheesecake from Big Bear’s Wife. OH MY LIME that looked good.

Photo Credit: Big Bear's Wife

Photo Credit: Big Bear’s Wife

So here’s the truth of it – I haven’t made it yet! But I still had to share because I got all the ingredients last night and this is going to be our Labor Day treat and holiday indulgence. My husband Seth’s FAVORITE thing in the world is Cheesecake and he’s leaving soon for 6 weeks. It’s also my eldest daughter’s birthday in a week so I figure – why not start with cake now right? I thought it was a good idea anyway:).

Here’s the recipe below found from Big Bear’s Wife – she’s AMAZING! You have to follow her. Our love of all things lime brought us to this delight but she has so much more to share on her awesome blog.