So there is this little secret weapon that started in Utah, right where FreshLime is headquartered. It’s a small business-turned-large Cafe Rio, and we like their style…


If that was the punishment for being late to work consider us late every day! This delicious restaurant embraces lime as much as we do small business marketing – and you will find Utahn’s and now Californians and Arizonans (did we get all that right?) singing it’s praises high and low.


If you find yourself in the Beehive state make sure you hit up one of the hundreds of stores around the valley. If you aren’t going to find yourself in Utah anytime soon (but seriously find an excuse if you can), then here’s some recipes on Pinterest – not as good as the original we are certain but it might hold you over.


So enjoy our Friday Faves this week and follow the FreshLime blog for small business marketing tips and only the best in lime recipes and inspiration.