More than half of today’s consumers agree that being contacted regularly by a business makes them feel more appreciated. Who doesn’t enjoy feeling appreciated, right? Businesses should be consistently looking for ways to update and improve their customer service, now more than ever. With COVID-19 still running the show, many businesses are struggling to keep customers coming back. The best way a business can retain their customers is through regularly engaging with them and building relationships. 

Engaging with your customers doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as it sounds. In fact, FreshLime created a Customer Connection tool that completely automates the process for you, so your customers are receiving targeted information that is relevant to them and keeps them interested in your business. 

If you’re wondering whether your business is doing enough when it comes to contacting your customers and making them feel more appreciated, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can my customers easily find my business on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Am I responding to their comments and messages across all of these platforms?
  • Do I keep track of my customers’ names, phone numbers and email addresses for future engagements?
  • Do my customers receive updates about my business, including: COVID-19 changes, product/service updates and coupons/specials?
  • Do I send out a monthly/semi-annual newsletter to all of my past and current customers, in order to keep my business at the top of their minds?
  • Is it easy for searchers to find accurate information about my business online and to contact me quickly and effectively with that information?

If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions yet, don’t worry! It can be a slow process, but it’s a very important part of making your business as successful as possible and we’re here to help! Take your customer engagement journey one step at a time, and make sure that your customers are hearing from your business, one way or another, on a regular basis.

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