This week, I received a question from a local business owner in Delaware. Jordan owns a pest control company, and he said he has a hard keeping all of his paperwork safe and organized. Here’s Jordan’s question…

“My small pest control company in Delaware is struggling when it comes to paperwork and important documentation. I have nowhere to store all of my old invoices, and I don’t have the money to hire someone to organize everything for me. Do you have any advice for a small business, without a lot of resources?”

This is a great question, Jordan! Lots of small business owners struggle with the same thing. It can be really hard knowing what to keep, and where and how to store things when it comes to paperwork for your business. First of all, I want to address why this is question is so important. Hanging on to your paperwork, including past invoices and customer information is key to keeping your business busy and on top of the game. Having your customers’ information on file will help you when it comes to customer engagement, setting up future appointments, and (hopefully rarely) complaints.

Keeping track of your past invoices will keep you in-the-know as far as how your business is performing compared to previous years, and how you can continue to improve in the future. Keeping this invoices nice, readable and organized will also help you out a ton come tax-time. Don’t lose this crucial information just because you aren’t sure how to store it!

Jordan, here are my ideas on how to make sure you have no issues with your paperwork as your business grows.

If possible, keep it in a computer or an app

Nowadays, with the technology we have, it’s impossible for a business to survive without taking advantage of the resources they’re given. The best way to ensure nothing happens to your files and paperwork (spills, fires, losing them, etc) is to store them safely and securely online or in an app on your devices. This ensures that no physical damage can happen to them, and it keeps them nicely organized and easily accessible.

If you aren’t able to use this type of database yet, I would strongly recommend getting a fireproof cabinet to store your valuable information in until you are able to get the necessary technology.

Thank you for your question, Jordan! That is something that many business owners struggle with, and I’m glad you came to me to help you out. Good luck!


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