A website says a lot about a business. More importantly, your homepage is a perfect starting place that can either help, or hinder you. Remember, how a first impression is pretty crucial to getting a business connection? Your homepage is that first impression.

I know for me personally, I judge a company by its website. I know, I know – don’t judge a book by its cover. But – if a company spends time on their website, it shows that they care how they present themselves. That matters.

Say you own a local business. A prospective client may search for a carpet cleaner, for example, in their area. What will set you apart from the competition? Your homepage. Here’s how:

When you go to the homepage, we need to know what you do. Highlight that. You don’t want someone to pull up your homepage, and wonder – wait, what kind of business is this again? Be clear, but also don’t give too much information. A great example of this is Reformation, a clothing brand. They states exactly what they do, in one sentence: We make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment. Simple as that!  

People pay attention to anything other than words (as I write this blogpost haha). It’s true! Going onto Pepsi’s website, you will just see a huge picture of soda, naturally. As much as I am a Coca-Cola fan, I have to admit, their homepage is killing it on the visuals! A well thought out image that encompasses not only your brand, but your services will appeal to prospective customers.

If I can’t navigate my way around a website, how long do you think I will be on it? Think like your customer. Make sure you can navigate through all parts of the website straight from the homepage. Etsy does a great job at this. You can click through what you are searching for with the tabs at the top.

Calls to Action.
Give your prospective customers a chance to sign up or find out more information about your services easily. Put this in the form of a clickable button, and let the process be easy. No one likes to fill out a form that lasts more than 30 seconds (trust me). Dropbox has this covered. Not only is their homepage simple, but also it makes it easy to sign up right then and there.

Social Cred.
Let your future customers know that you know what you are doing. This can be through testimonials, reviews, shares, or even number of users. When you go on the Blenderbottle website, you can see that the top dogs of the health industry have reviewed them. This is showing they have a great product that their customers like, but the important people too.

Yep, a blog, just like this one! A blog lets people know that you, as a brand, have a voice, and talk about topics relevant to your industry. Warby Parker specializes in eyewear, so they won’t have a blog, right? Wrong. Even if you think it seems odd, remember, that you are not only a business, you are a brand.  

Remember, above all, you are helping others see what you and your business is about. The best homepages honestly show exactly what the business is about. Make it simple, make it intriguing, and most of all – make it you.

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