C. Woods Company

Using FreshLime’s customer connection platform, C. Woods Company has been able to create loyal relationships with their customers, through professional, industry-specific automated engagements. C. Woods Company has also been able to win back lost customers through FreshLime’s engagement tool, leading to increased revenue and a high ROI.


Industry: HVAC & Plumbing
Location: US Southeast
Customer Since: Dec 2016
Case Study Date: Oct 2019


  • Improve Online Reputation
  • Increase # of Repeat Customers
  • Increase Company Revenue

New Online Reviews


Repeat Customers


*based on revenue directly influenced by FreshLime

Background & Goals

C. Woods Company is a leader in their area in the Plumbing and HVAC business, but they haven’t always been. Their quality of work has been top notch since they opened their doors, but they were experiencing trouble building up a positive online reputation for themselves.

C. Woods Company noticed their customers weren’t coming back to them and they were losing business to their competitors. FreshLime teamed up with C. Woods Company in December of 2016. Since then, they have recovered over $300,000 in revenue and gained over 600 online reviews.

A Recipe for Increased Customer Loyalty

Ever since C. Woods Company and FreshLime teamed up, they’ve noticed a drastic increase in happy customers returning to their business time and time again. In fact, their repeat customers make-up over 60% of their total business. FreshLime gave C. Woods Company access to the FreshLime dashboard created specifically for small and local businesses, which has been a very valuable tool in their business growth.

Engagements Types

  • Transactional thank-you emails
  • Educational tips for HVAC & plumbing system maintenance
  • Seasonal tune-up reminders
  • Sales and promotional information

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