GMC Heating & Cooling

Using FreshLime’s customer connection platform, GMC Heating & Cooling has been able to create loyal relationships with their customers, through professional, industry-specific automated engagements. GMC Heating & Cooling has also been able to win back lost customers through FreshLime’s Customer Connection Platform™.


Industry: HVAC
Location: US Midwest
Customer Since: Oct 2017
Case Study Date: Jan 2020


  • Attract new customers
  • Increase online presence
  • Retain existing customers
  • Increase positive online reviews

New Online Reviews

Average Rating Online

Targeted Engagements Sent

Background & Goals

GMC Heating & Cooling is an HVAC company full of trained professionals in Ohio. Their work is top quality, and they focus on providing excellent customer service. The issues with their business stemmed from the fact that their online presence was not very prominent. Online searchers weren’t attracted to GMC Heating & Cooling when searching for HVAC contractors in their area because their business wasn’t listed everywhere online that people were looking, and they lacked in online reviews.

FreshLime has helped GMC Heating & Cooling to get their business listed on over 70 platforms online, receive over 120 online reviews with an overall rating of 4.9, and to retain those happy customers through effective, automated engagements.

Using FreshLime’s Platform

FreshLime’s Customer Connection Platform has helped GMC Heating & Cooling because it was created for businesses like theirs in mind. In partnering with FreshLime, GMC Heating & Cooling has engaged with existing customers over 1,700 times with a response right over 25%. That means their business is staying at the top-of-mind for all of those happy customers who keep coming back.

FreshLime’s platform has provided GMC Heating & Cooling with the ability to easily access all of their customer and transaction data, as well as manage all of their online reviews in one place.

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