Mile High Driver Training

Mile High Driver Training is located in Colorado. They’re in the business of helping people achieve their goals through training and certification courses that help their clients advance in driving careers.


Industry: Auto
Location: US Mountain West
Customer Since: April 2018
Case Study Date: Dec 2019


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Background & Goals

Mile High Driver Training has plenty of happy customers each and every month, but their positive reputation wasn’t reflected online in reviews. People were searching for businesses just like Mile High Driver Training on Google, Facebook and Yelp, but their lack of online reviews was turning people away. They decided to team up with FreshLime to quickly change that!

FreshLime Partnership

FreshLime’s Customer Connection Platform was created specifically for service-based businesses just like Mile High Driver Training. Since partnering with FreshLime, and taking advantage of its many capabilities, Mile High Driver Training now has over 200 positive online reviews to show off how great their business really is.

The reviews they’ve accumulated since beginning to work with FreshLime have earned their business an average review rating score of 4.0. Mile High Driver Training now has a glowing online reputation that attracts new customers to their business.

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