Valleywide Fence and Deck

Using FreshLime’s customer connection platform, Valleywide Fence and Deck has been able to create loyal relationships with their customers, through professional, industry-specific automated engagements. Valleywide Fence and Deck has also been able to win back lost customers through FreshLime’s Customer Connection Platform™.


Industry: Fencing
Location: US Mountain West
Customer Since: Mar 2018
Case Study Date: Jan 2020


  • Attract new customers
  • Increase positive online reviews
  • Retain existing customers

New Online Reviews

Average Rating Online

Targeted Engagements Sent

Background & Goals

Valleywide Fence and Deck has a team of highly-trained fence installation specialists in Colorado. Their customer service and quality of work is, and always has been, impressive to their customers. Despite their great work and happy customers, they were running into the issue of too many one-and-done jobs, simply because their customers had lost contact with them by the time they were in need of another of their services.

On top of that, they were lacking in positive online reviews. Potential customers who were searching for businesses like Valleywide Fence and Deck weren’t being shown how great their business is to work with because they didn’t have enough reviews. They knew they needed to make some changes, and that’s when they decided to team up with FreshLime.

Using FreshLime’s Platform

FreshLime’s Customer Connection Platform™ has helped Valleywide Fence and Deck to retain current customers and bring them back again. FreshLime sends automated, targeted engagements on behalf of Valleywide Fence and Deck to all of their happy customers in order to build strong and lasting relationships with them. These engagements have been sent over 6,000 times to loyal customers, and they have a response rate of 13%!

In using our Customer Connection Platform™, Valleywide Fence and Deck was also able to take advantage of FreshLime’s superior review-collecting software, which has drastically increased the amount of positive online reviews for their business to show off. With over 150 online reviews and an average rating of 4.9, they’re attracting new customers left and right!

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