Providing omnichannel delivery to consumers gives them a consistent experience throughout their customer journey with your business. Consumers like to have options when it comes to communicating with and purchasing from businesses. Providing consumers with a consistent experience every time they work with you means that they have the ability to do so in whatever way is most convenient for them. 

The most important thing a business can do in today’s world is to provide a positive experience to each and every customer they interact with. A customer’s journey starts with finding the business they want to work with, which means businesses need to be present online everywhere their customers are searching:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Instagram
  • Other local directories

The next step in the customer journey is contacting the business they’ve chosen. Today’s world is technology-driven and most people prefer to interact through text messages and chat, rather than phone calls. Consumers should have several options when it comes to contacting a business:

  • Webchat
  • Phone Calls
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Text Messaging

Once a customer has decided on the business they’d like to work with, they choose how they want to work with that business. If a business sells products at a physical location, they should also provide the customer with an online route to purchasing products, especially during/after the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made people even more comfortable with staying home. If your business isn’t one that sells products, but rather offers services to consumers, you can still focus on providing customers with a positive journey through:

  • Easy Communication
  • Flexibility with Scheduling
  • Friendly Service
  • Staying Connected after Each Purchase

Today’s consumer is spoiled with the amount of options available and the ease of access they have to businesses. Staying consistent and providing omnichannel delivery to your customers is how small businesses can stay ahead of the game.

For more insights on marketing strategy that actually works for small business, connect with Jay Bean, Founder of FreshLime and Small Business Marketing Expert on LinkedIn and Twitter. If any of these tips have helped you or if you have anything to add, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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