We had a BLAST yesterday on the Fresh Small Biz Marketing Tips podcast with A&E – Special Guest Alisa Wilcox of Social Status Media. Probably my favorite part (there were so many) was when she called me out – or maybe I called myself out – for not having a list of things I “don’t do”. I love this woman and her perspective on designing a healthy business and perspective on balance.

Listen in to this week’s podcast here and CONGRATS to Ashley Freeze for winning our giveaway – a $25 Gift Card to PaperCrush, and amazing paper goods store in Lehi, UT.

Make sure you follow Alisa Wilcox on social (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and visit her website for more marketing wisdom.

Other awesome small businesses that were featured on the podcast this week:

Alisa’s Pick – TheNarrativeLoft.com – an incubator in lovely Santa Barbara, CA

The Narrative Loft

Amanda’s Pick (and weekly giveaway) – PaperCrush – an amazing paper goods store in Lehi, UT


Erin’s Pick – 4daFamily Macademia Nuts from Haleiwa, HI


We also had a few callers call in with small business we thought were really cool! Check em out!

Lexi Wallis – Mommi.Memes – if you are a parent or know anyone who is they need to follow this Instagram account. Pure GOLD.