QR code usage has quadrupled since 2017, and that number is only going to continue to grow. There are several reasons QR codes have become increasingly popular, and among those are:

  • Touch-free call to action
  • Prompts communication and engagement
  • Business owners can guide their customers wherever they want online
  • Connection of offline and online communication
  • They’re easy and convenient to use for customers and businesses

QR code scanners are built right into most smartphone cameras. Considering over 80% of Americans use smartphones, the majority of people can utilize QR codes quickly and easily. People of all ages use smartphones, which means QR codes are used by diverse age groups and can really connect any and all customers to your business. 

QR codes allow for more engagement, better communication all at a lower cost than other mediums. Because QR codes are easily trackable, it’s a great idea to place them in many different places: on flyers, counters, phone screens, magnets, business cards, etc. so businesses can quickly track where their customers are coming from. 

QR codes, almost instantly, provide information about a business, product or service in a touch-free and simple way, and the information quickly goes to the user’s phone. QR codes promote interaction and engagement through the something everyone always has in their hand anyway- their smartphone, so it’s easy to see why QR code usage has increased so quickly and drastically. 

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