If you’re not proactively engaging with your customers, they probably won’t come back to your business. Reaching out to customers proactively increases loyalty, retention and customer satisfaction. 

Repeat business is much more valuable to a company than acquiring new customers. However, so many businesses focus their time and money on new customers, rather than their current customers. Once you’ve come far enough with someone to make a sale, the last thing you want to do for your business is let them slip away and use a competitor for future needs. The only way to successfully build relationships with customers to make them loyal to your business is through engaging with them. 

Consumers today have access to virtually unlimited businesses right at their fingertips, so small business owners really need to work to make their businesses stand out. You can do this while simultaneously building relationships with your customers:

  • Post engaging content on social media.
  • Start the conversation with your customers by sending out targeted engagements.
  • Let your current customers know about upcoming events, deals or changes to your business.
  • Request feedback from your customers and sincerely listen to what they say.
  • Communicate with your customers through webchat, text messages, emails and social media.

Reaching out to your customers proactively means that you are initiating the engagements and focusing on the needs of your customers with each and every interaction. Businesses that focus on proactive customer engagement see increased loyalty from their customers, stronger customer retention and, of course, higher rates of customer satisfaction.

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