In today’s world of cutting edge technology, it’s more cost-effective as a small business owner to automate the process of data collection, customer engagement, and increasing online reviews than it is to manually perform all of these arduous tasks. It’s also definitively more cost effective to put your customer’s contact data in a CRM, if you haven’t already. (You can read more about CRMs, and how businesses utilize them, here). FreshLime not only integrates with top CRM’s you are already using, and we also provide a stand-alone CRM that delivers best in class automation in customer engagement and loyalty so you can focus on your core business while we help you quickly grow behind the scenes. We believe in saving small business owners time and money, and here’s how we make it easy for you:


Find Out what Works:

Data can be so overwhelming and hard to understand. FreshLime analyzes all the data in your CRM, and makes sense of it. Automated reports are sent to you daily, weekly and monthly giving you a complete and detailed snapshot of the health of your business. Small businesses waste thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising that doesn’t work, but you don’t know until you see it in the data – and we make it easy to figure out. Business owners can find out what their best-selling product or service is, what their busiest time of the day is, what their overall ROI is, and so much more. The best part is, this is all done automatically for business owners, so they don’t have to spend hours sifting through complicated data. Knowing what is working for your business and where most of your money is coming from is the key to growth. Finding a marketing plan that works for your business, and is worth the money, without having this data available is virtually impossible without this information at your fingertips. Automated and simple reports make it easy for business owners to find actionable insights about their business!


Create and Engage with Loyal Customers:

Loyal customers are the life-blood of any small business. In fact, it’s proven that repeat customers spend anywhere from 4-10x more money with a business than new customers. Not only do you want the revenue that comes with loyal and repeat customers, but according to, 80-90% of referrals come from a business’s loyal customers.

FreshLime makes it easy to engage with and create loyal customers out of your one-time buyers. When a customer’s data is entered into or integrated with the FreshLime CRM, customer engagement strategy is automatically generated to keep those clients interested, in the loop, and loyal. Your loyal customer base also receives customized and automated engagement based on what products or services they buy from you, how frequently they’re utilizing your business, and even how much they are spending. Engaging with customers is absolutely crucial to creating loyalty and keeping them coming back, but it can be very time-consuming. Most SMB owners don’t have the time to create custom content and send it out at the right time and through the right outlet for each and every one of their customers. FreshLime has made this process very simple, quick and effective.


Click here if you want to know more about the value of repeat business!


Gain Positive Reviews Online:

Recently Spectoos found that 88% of people say they will trust an online review just as much as they would a word-of-mouth review from someone they know. Not only that, but over 70% of consumers have said they will use a business simply because they have positive online reviews. If you think online reviews are necessary for any business to thrive in today’s world, you are right. Many business owners find that it’s harder than they think to get their happy customers to leave reviews for them online. No matter how great the service is, or how many times the customer says they’ll leave a review, the truth is… they usually forget. Unfortunately, this can really hurt a business that is still trying to grow through online reviews and word of mouth referrals. FreshLime has made it easier than ever for business owners to obtain those extremely necessary, but often out-of-reach reviews. Through our platform, the process has become automated and simple as ever for both the business owner, and the customer. The happy customers in your CRM will automatically be followed up with through FreshLime’s software, so they are sent direct links and reminded to leave a positive review. Of course, we’ve thought of the negative-Nancys too, and there is a simple way for them to privately vent about your business, so you can make things right without the world seeing a negative review.

The best part about gaining all of these new positive online reviews for your business is that it takes you, the business owner, no extra time.

When all of these processes are automated by FreshLime, business owners have more time to focus on what they should be focusing on – their core business and providing excellent service. So whether you already have an operating CRM, or you are looking for a complete CRM and automation solution, FreshLime has you covered.

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