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Refer a business who could use FreshLime, and get a $200 Amazon gift card when they sign up.

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How our referral program works:

1. Refer a business

Simply enter your information and the business you’re referring in the form above to get the process started.

2. We’ll reach out on your behalf

We’ll reach out to the business you’re referring and show them what it can do for their business.

3. They sign up for FreshLime

After signing up for FreshLime, they’ll begin engaging with their customers more than any other business in their area and industry — leaving you to thank.

4. You get a $200 Amazon gift card

After 3 months of them being a customer of FreshLime, we’ll send you a $200 Amazon gift card to get whatever you’d like….for $200!

Companies ranging from SMBs to the enterprise get discovered, get selected, and get engaged with FreshLime.

Refer and receive $200.

Win, win.

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