FreshLime and SalesRabbit give
you more opportunities to qualify
and generate more door to door leads.


Why SalesRabbit and FreshLime?

SalesRabbit is your end to end CRM so you know who your customers are before you knock, and helps
you win business for any doors that open. FreshLime creates personal connections for any doors that
don’t open by driving customer initiated conversations from door hangers, door tags or other collateral.
The powerful collaboration of FreshLime and SalesRabbit allows d2d sales reps to immediately
engage with prospects, set more appointments, and close deals they are missing out on.


Special FreshLime lead statuses inside of SalesRabbit will notify of a new lead

Track door hanger, door tag, and collateral placement for doors that don’t open

Track FreshLime leads and conversations in your SalesRabbit app

Nurture leads until they close


About RepConnect by FreshLime

Leave Behind Assets w/SmartConnect QR Codes

Leave our SmartConnect door hangers or door tags while canvassing or for doors that don’t open.
Each door hanger or door tag comes with QR Codes that instantly drive prospects to text
messaging for quick lead capture. FreshLime’s messaging automations will engage and gather
lead data from homeowners. Your rep is notified and will field questions and set appointments
from the FreshLime app.

Automated Messaging

FreshLime’s automated messaging instantly engages leads, qualifies, and gathers additional info
so you can capture leads 24/7. You can message the new lead as soon as you are available and
close the deal!

Generate up to 4x the number of leads

You invest in building lead info to target the neighborhoods you are knocking in. But not every door
opens and your canvassing data isn’t always up to date. FreshLime captures homeowner phone
numbers and valuable lead info to enrich your existing data.

Build a Valuable Text Marketing Database from Door 2 Door sales

We handle the messaging and text authorizations so your sales reps can receive and
send messages to your new leads. You can nurture the leads until the deal is closed!

By placing leave behinds, such as door hangers and door tags with SmartConnect QR Codes, RepConnect helps
door to door sales teams generate more conversations that lead to more deals. Sales teams can collect reliable
lead details and enable reps to qualify, prioritize, and personalize sales conversations efficiently. We do this by
letting prospective customers quickly and easily initiate an interaction, get access to valuable information
about products and services, or immediate text messaging by simply scanning a SmartConnect QR-code with
their phone.