Following up with your previous customers about past services is best practice for your business. There are several reasons why this should be a priority for your business. Customers should know that you care enough to follow up and you are confident in your work.

It’s important to show customers that you are interested in how well your service worked for them, and to find out if they have any other needs that you could meet for them. It’s definitely a bonus that follow-up will keep your company’s name and service fresh on the mind of your previous customers! Let’s dive a little deeper into this:

  • Follow-up as a way to show you care.  
    Calling your customers or sending out a quick email to ask how their experience with your business was, gives them an opportunity to let you know if there are any lasting issues. These customers might let you know of a separate problem that they need your help with, or of something that seems to be an issue with your previous work. Either way, this quick follow-up allows the customers know that you value them, and that you take pride in your work. This is a quick task but it goes a long way!
  • Follow-up as a way to gain reviews.
    Gaining more reviews online is absolutely necessary. Sending out a quick email to thank your customers for their business with you, and asking for a review is an excellent way to gain these much needed reviews. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are crucial for any small business, and this proves to be very effective. Asking a happy customer to leave a review while your service is still fresh on their mind will greatly increase your chances of gaining positive reviews. This also comes across to the customer as you caring and being thankful to them for their business.
  • Follow-up as a way to gain more business.
    Follow-up with your customer every month, quarter or year (depending on how often your services are necessary). This will remind them to make another appointment with you, and help you gain more business. This comes across to the customer as your concern for their home and shows that you want to keep things up for them. Informing a customer that it’s time for a service or touch-up will not only benefit them, but also you! Be sure to include any specials or deals you are currently running to increase the likelihood of your customer setting up an appointment.

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