Not as many businesses respond to positive reviews as negative reviews. This is unfortunate, because businesses should be thankful for the happy customers who take their time to help out by leaving positive feedback for others to see.

Which businesses should be responding to positive reviews? ALL of them. Sure, the review is pleasant and there’s nothing to resolve, so what’s the point in responding? Well, you don’t need to write anything long or time-consuming, but thanking your customer will go a long way.

How should you respond to positive online reviews?

  • Start by Using their Name: As with negative reviews, you should always start your response by using your customer’s name in your response. They want to know that you know them personally and that you took the time to acknowledge them. You could start off your review by saying, “Hi John!” or include your thank-you in the greeting by saying, “Thanks for the review, John!” This keeps it personal and helps your customer (both the one you’re responding to and future customers) know that you are personable and care for each individual customer.


  • Thank them For the Review: Remember, your customer took their time to leave this review to help your business out. They were happy with your services, and you want to keep it that way! The first step to building a relationship with your customer is by responding to them when they reach out to you. Even though there isn’t anything that needs to be addressed (like a complaint) when it comes to these reviews, it’s important to let them know that they matter just as much as the negative reviews do. The truth is, the positive reviews matter MUCH more to your business and you know that, so let your customer know that you appreciate it by thanking them for helping you out by leaving a review online.


  • Add a Quick Invitation for Future Services: Before signing off of your response to the positive reviews, leave your customer with an invitation to come back to your business. This can be very subtle like, “We really enjoy working with you!” or it can be more to-the-point like, “Remember to call us again for your carpet cleaning needs!” This keeps that line of communication open with your customer and will hopefully urge them to use your business again in the future. They were happy the first time they worked with you, so invite them to do so again!


We’ve all heard the idea that, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”, and it’s true that you need to respond to and help those “squeaky wheels” or negative reviews, but when it comes to a business and their online reviews, ALL of the wheels need to get the grease! Don’t leave your positive reviewers out by ignoring their feedback simply because they aren’t complaining. They are your business’ biggest advocate and it’s your job to keep it that way!

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