The secret behind gaining repeat business from millennials is much more simple than people tend to think. Millennials have huge buying power in today’s economy, and they react differently to marketing than other generations. So instead of banging your head against a wall, here’s the secret to connecting with millennials and getting them to come back again and again. So what is it? Creating a personal experience.

Now that we know what the secret is, the next step is moving forward with it. How do you ensure that you’re creating a personal experience for each of your millennial customers? Here are some ideas:

Know Your Data

We’ve talked about this before, because it’s so important. You should be keeping track of all of your customer and transaction data, and using it to your benefit. When you know the data behind each transaction, you can use it to engage with those customers and to meet their needs. Trust us, when it comes to tracking your data.. It’s worth your time! Millennials grew up in an age where big data explained everything behind the scenes of their social media marketing. They understand Instagram algorithms and if you don’t understand them then they will see right through it.

Be Friendly

This is an obvious one, however not everyone practices it. It seems so easy to always be friendly and helpful to your millennials customers, but many people really struggle with this. When you’re a business owner, you are often tired and stressed. Don’t let those feelings interfere with you earning repeat customers. Whenever you are working with your customers, put on a happy face and be friendly! It will go a long way with any generation and especially this one!

Engage Regularly

You should contact your customers regularly in an effort to stay relevant to them. Whenever you have specials, deals or business updates, don’t be afraid to let your customers know, and let them know via their mobile device. Ever ate in a restaurant with lots of millennials? 95% of them are looking on their phones. So you will want to connect with them where they are already spending time. Look to the phone! Millennials like to feel like their business is important to you and the more you do to show your connect with them in a way they want, the more likely they are to come back over and over.

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