Valentine’s Day is the day of love! There are lots of things you can do this year, and always, to show your customers some love. The key to keeping them coming back time and time again is trust. When you have a positive relationship with a customer, who knows they can trust you to be honest and get the job done, you have a customer for life. But, how do you build that trust? You can start out by trying these tips, and showing your customers some love:


Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers means you know them by name, and you know their service history with you. If someone can call you and you know who they are and a enough about them to make small talk, they will gain more trust in you and build a more loyal relationship. When you know your customers’ service history with you, you are better able to serve them. It’s always a good idea to keep track of service history, and you can add this to the long list of reasons why. Show your customers some love by knowing them personally!


Fix Their Problems

You are your customer’s trusted go-to whenever they have issues that you can fix for them. Knowing that you’ll be there to fix their problems is something that will help both of you. Not only are you fixing their problems and increasing your own revenue, but you are also providing them with quality service they can trust. When you show your customers that you care about them, you don’t have to go far out of your way. Something as simple as being there to resolve their issues for them does the trick!


Start a Rewards Program

Many big companies have rewards programs, because they recognize how valuable it is for customers. People love getting something back when they spend money with your business. Your reward program could include giving your customers points each time they book you for a service, and they can use those points towards future services/repairs. You can also have your rewards program go towards something like a gift card to a local restaurant or some movie passes. Rewarding your customers for using your business is a great way to show some love!


Give Back to the Community

Everyone loves a business that gives back to the community. You can tie this into your rewards program by allowing customers to choose a charity for you to give back to each time they use your business. You could also give back to the community by having a party or luncheon and inviting customers and potential customers. This will help you by getting your name out there, and help your community by providing some fun and services. Finally, a great way to give back to the community is to donate to a local charity for every X amount of dollars your business brings in. You should be creative with this one and know you’re helping a lot of people and showing lots of love!


According to, nearly 50% of consumers say they would choose a business simply because they engage with them regularly. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your customers some love by getting in the habit of engagement. This will benefit both you and your customers!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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