The start of World Recycling Company started over 20 years ago with Bo’s dad. He had worked for a recycling company in the past and decided he could do it himself. What started in a small warehouse has now grown into three very successful and different recycling companies. How Bo got into the business with his dad? Well, he worked there every summer growing up and eventually learned the business himself. After graduating college Bo decided to go back to the family business and work with his dad. 

World Recycling, Eco-Shred, & Eco-Waste

All three companies have had their purpose throughout the years. World Recycling is the parent company, Eco-Shred is a mobile shredding company, and Eco-Waste is a dumpster company. Have you ever wondered what happens with the recycled material? Well, Bo had that same question which eventually led him to a paper mill in Ecuador to find out. In short, cardboard is recycled and turned into new cardboard. As for the paper, shredded paper is turned into both tissue and toilet paper. After a year like 2020, let’s just say we’re extra grateful for all the toilet paper they can make! 

Covid Hurt The Shredding 

A lot of people stayed home last year, which meant commercial waste was very low. On the other hand, because people stayed home, home projects skyrocketed which ultimately contributed to the need for recycling companies like Bo’s. “It’s been fun, it’s definitely been a ride”, Bo said. It’s always good to look at the bright side of things, and pivot when things are out of your control. 

“It’s incredible, you’re working but you get to help the environment at the same time. How do you beat that?”

When we asked Bo what his motivation was to continue and grow his business he said he is striving to have 0% of his recycled material go to a landfill. Oh, and working with his best friend/dad has been such a positive experience that he wants to continue it for as long as he can. The secret to being able to work with family? You’re friends first, no fights, communicate often, and talk things through.

We’re Still A Small Business

Like with any business, there are challenges that constantly arise. Recycling is a global thing, and there’s so much to it. Still, that doesn’t stop Bo from continuing to advocate for his businesses. It’s been hard to bring their name out to the public eye, and that’s been even more difficult with Covid. What keeps things going is knowing his businesses provide great services and outstanding customer service. Things change monthly, trends change often, and Bo is working hard to keep up with whatever the market is demanding. When things get tough, the tough get going. 


For a family owned and operated company that puts its clients first, Eco-Shred & Eco-Waste in Baltimore, Maryland are the perfect solution to all of your dumpster and shredding needs. 

If you’d like to see how your business can benefit from FreshLime just like Eco Shred has, set up a free 15-minute demo today!



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