In our world today, there are so many opportunities to market your unique company and all that it has to offer. Because individuals interact differently, it’s important to advertise in a variety of ways. The following are types of marketing that every company can benefit from and should consider using in their marketing tactic box:

In Person What better way to market your company than to do it one-on-one with potential and previous clients? Having personal interaction makes a world of a difference if it makes sense for your small business. A sense of unity comes from interaction and socialization and having the ability to show non-verbal cues and look at theirs in return can build trust with others.

Blog About It! It’s very common in businesses today to have a blog. A blog allows customers to really see the depth of a company with their thoughts, interests and intentions with what they’re doing. You can educate your customer base for free and they appreciate it. Keeping a blog updated is very important. This makes it seem as though your business in relevant and present with today’s times. For those of you who have a fear of public speaking, blogs are a great resource because they give an introverted personality a voice and they connect those that have similar ideas and interests.

Podcasts Podcasts have become more and more popular and for a good reason! Having your own podcast allows you to interact with your clients in a more personal way. It allows others to really feel connected to you and whatever you may be selling. By having one, it gives your company an authoritative presence and it show that you have initiative and excel at your craft.

Social Network If you’re not on all of the major social media platforms get on them right away!! In today’s society, social media is the easiest, most organic way to advertise your company and product. These major sites include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Our VP of Marketing Erin Schurtz will be releasing a series of blog posts about each one – how to know when they are right for you and how to take advantage of the tips and tricks they have to offer. It’s important to put out quality content that individuals will actually want to read, rather than putting out “mediocre” work. Doing so will make attract the right type of attention to your business.

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