Why should a small business create a customer education program? Well, first thing’s first.

What is a customer education program? The purpose of a customer education program is to walk your customers through utilizing your products or services and providing them with continual information about getting the most out of your business. A customer education program could consist of:

  • An FAQ page on your website full of answers to common questions your business receives.
  • How-to videos. For example ‘How to Keep Your Plumbing Running Smoothly’ or ‘How to Keep Your Carpets Clean for Longer.’ Whatever your expertise is, your customers are counting on you to share valuable information with them. 
  • Social Media Tutorials: Provide social media videos and posts in the form of ‘how-to’ content that is helpful to your customers. 

So, why should businesses build a customer education program and put it in place for your customers? 

  • Customer education programs increase customer loyalty: Loyal customers are the most valuable customers a business can have. Having customers who regularly choose your business and send you new referrals leads to unlimited success. Customer education improves your customers’ experience and offers them support that creates a more loyal customer. 
  • You can make life easier for your customers: Did you know that 70% of customers say that they will try to seek out an answer to their questions online before reaching out to a business for help? Make life easier for your customers by providing them with the help and answers that they need all in one place. This way they won’t have to search the internet for answers and potentially end up with inaccurate information. 
  • Potentially decrease negative feedback: Having a customer education program in place provides your customers with confidence in your business and a place to go for quick and honest answers. Your business could potentially decrease negative feedback you might receive if a customer has trouble contacting you to ask a question, or needs help with a current issue but can’t reach you right away. 

There are several reasons for small businesses to create a customer education program for its loyal customers and potential customers alike. Creating customer loyalty is one of the absolute most important things a business can do to ensure its success, and creating a customer education program sets you on the right path.

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