Throughout the month of November, we’re featuring local businesses on our blog. Here at FreshLime, we enjoy showing love to small and local businesses that are making a true difference in the lives of many.

This week, we chatted with Tom, the founder and owner of Top Whole Life, an insurance broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here’s our interview:

What is your business?

At Top Whole Life, we specialize in selling permanent whole life insurance policies.

What sets you apart from other companies in your industry?

We focus on a small niche of a large pie of the life insurance industry. Not only do we focus solely on one type of policy, but we also have great knowledge of this space. That goes a long way in ensuring that we take great care of our customers at all times.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business for three years, and have experienced solid growth over that time.

How do you get happy customers to leave online reviews for your business?

To start, we provide industry leading customer service. By doing that, we find that customers are naturally inclined to leave a positive review. Also, we often ask customers via email to leave an honest review.

What’s your favorite thing about owning a business? Your least favorite thing?

The freedom of time is the one thing that stands out for me. I enjoy the ability to set my own schedule, for the most part, as this is something that many people struggle to do.

Conversely, it can be difficult to deal with the many fires that come up throughout the day. As a business owner, you’re responsible for everything, which can lead to quite a bit of stress at times. Furthermore, the insurance industry is always changing, calling for me and my team to adapt all the time.

What do you do to provide your customers with better service than the competition?

We took a small niche of the market and went all in to deeply understand what it’s all about. It’s this knowledge that allows us to provide customers with top of the line service. Also, our products and resources are the best of the best, giving customers peace of mind that we’re providing them with the coverage they want and need.

A big thanks to Tom and the team at Top Whole Life for sharing these answers with us!

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