85% of customers who don’t get a hold of your business on the first try, won’t try again. The truth is that small businesses are losing tens of thousands of dollars every year because of missed customer messages. When a customer has a need, they reach out to the experts in the industry, but when they don’t get an immediate response, they move on to the next business.

Did you know that over 80% of consumers agree that they expect an immediate response from businesses? That may sound overly-needy, but the truth is that customers expect it because it’s what they are used to. It’s not possible for business owners to be on their phones 24 hours a day checking their Facebook messages, text messages, emails and webchat inquiries. However, implementing a service that can store all of these messages in one place is possible and will make all the difference.

Message Center is the newest innovation in customer interactions, and its benefits drive stronger customer service and better customer retention through:


Storing messages in one location: Whether your customers choose to interact with you through text message, Facebook message or webchat inquiry, all of these messages will be stored in one location. No more searching through each outlet trying to find all of your customers’ messages and, in turn, losing many of them.

Immediate response time: As previously mentioned, today’s consumer does not want to, and won’t, wait around for businesses to respond to them. If they don’t hear back immediately, over 80% of them will move on to another business. Having all of your messages come to one location that allows you to respond right from there makes it easy for your business to offer immediate response times to every customer interaction.

Offer omni-channel interactions: Roughly 90% of customers say they would choose a business that offers omni-channel communication. Why? Because it’s convenient. Knowing that your customer can reach you when and how they want to, and you can still instantly and easily respond makes running a business much easier. 

If you are still missing messages from your customers and having a hard time responding to them immediately, reach out to us and let us show you how your business can have the upper-hand when it comes to customer service, communication and retention. 

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