Social media marketing is a great tool for small businesses. Not only is social media great for marketing, it is also a great way to interact and build relationships with
your customers. As a small business owner it is important to take advantage of the benefits of social media.

Some of the benefits of social media include:
Build your brand
It is important to develop your company’s image and raise awareness of your brand. Posting to social media is a great way to get your brand in front of the public for people
to see. Your posts should let your customers know what kind of business you are and what your business values are. You want people to recognize your brand develop a favorable
view of your company.

Create leads affordably
Trying to find leads can be difficult and costly. Since most of your potential customers are already on social media this is a great place to attract new customers. Promote
your business and offer deals to turn likes into leads. This is a much cheaper option than paying for expensive lead generation services.

Boost traffic
By having social media pages associated to your business, your business is that much more likely to be found when people are searching for products or services in your area.
Post relevant information on your social media to lead your followers to your website. Make sure the information is correct on all of your business pages, so no matter where
a customer finds you they can contact you. All of your social media pages should be completely filled out with current information and have a link to your website.

Get advice from customers
Customers often have valuable insights and recommendations for your business. Social media offers a platform for customers to leave their feedback. Encourage customers to
leave their observations by ensuring them their opinion matters. Ask them to share their stories and opinions and to offer reviews. When you receive feedback, be sure to
respond to encourage further interactions.

Share your content
Creating content to share with your customers is an important aspect of marketing your business. Sharing engaging content is a great way to inform your customers about your
products and services which builds trust with your customers. Social media is the best way to distribute this content so your customers will see it, because it allows you to
share your content with a large audience that otherwise might not see it.

These are just a few of the benefits of social media for small businesses. It is important to use your social media, because the more you use it the more benefits you will
see from you social media pages. As you actively use your social media you will be able to take advantage of these benefits to increase sales for your business.

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