With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, engagement is on the mind (or maybe just pizza, for the single ones out there). February 14th is all about relationships, and impressing that special someone. Love is in the air, but let’s not forget about the key to engagement – Social Media.

When something exciting happens in your life, what do you do? Tell everyone you know, right? What better way to do that than Social Media. When I finished my degree, or when I went on my favorite hike in Los Angeles, I would post about it (and maybe include a selfie too). Shouldn’t that be the way to go to help your small business too?

Social media is a way to brand your company. Your company can have its own unique voice, but also it is a way to engage with your customers. If customers see you posting, commenting, and liking content, you seem like a real company – and a company that happens to have a Facebook or Google+ page and actually uses it. Not only should you post to your social media accounts but you should also interact with your customers. If they leave a nice comment, REPLY. If they had a bad experience, FIX IT. If they need your services that day, CALL THEM. Social media can lead to potential customers, and you can grow your business.

Be present. Maybe you do not have all the time in the world to post on social media. Make the time. If you show your customers that you care enough to post, or remind them about a special deal you may have, they will respond. Posting once a week is enough to help improve your business and engage.

Be interactive. Anyone can write a status on Facebook. My favorite social posts from companies always include either a picture, a funny video, or a link. As you scroll through your Newsfeed on Facebook, there is status update after status update. What will stand out is something to click on.

Be realistic. Posting over and over can decrease your following. If I see that someone posts every few hours, I will hide their posts. (Secrets out!) Don’t be that company.

Now that you have all the makings of a great social post, post away! Engage with your customers, without diamonds, and become a better business.

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