Who has questions about how to market your small business on social media? What’s more effective – Facebook or Instagram? Does anyone ever even look at Google+? What kind of information should I put on my Facebook page so people will engage with me? The questions about social media marketing are endless for a lot of reasons. You know you need to be on it because your customers are… and it’s constantly changing.

Today we are going live on our Facebook page answering questions you have about social media marketing. Erin Schurtz, our VP of Marketing will be taking over live to talk about where to start, what to focus on, and if you have any questions she will cover them live. Send any questions – anything at all – to eschurtz@freshlime.com and we will cover them in the live. Also jump on the live video and say hello and we will pick one of you to win a FREE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY CAMPAIGN. From start to finish we will put together a killer social media marketing campaign you can use whenever you want to drive engagement and business. All you have to do is say hello on the live video and tell us about your business!

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