I remember when I was a sales rep for a nationwide staffing firm I started a LinkedIn profile and thought I was so cutting edge. I started spending more time behind the computer trying to create virtual relationships that would turn into real business. Then my Branch Manager told me it was a waste of time and to get out into the field knocking on doors. Turns out, we were both right.

So which social media sites should you be focusing on for your small business? What will actually serve to boost your business? The answer is – I don’t know yet, but we can figure out it. There is an answer, although there isn’t a right answer. But there is a best answer. We can figure that out too.

Here are the most relevant social media sites that are available today where you can establish a presence for your business, and trust me, there will probably be a few more to add to the list by the end of this year:














Verticals (Glow, etc.)

So where to start? The first thing is to answer the following questions – fill out this form and I will email you the results so you can have a record to print out establishing your social media goals. Spend some time understanding where you are and what you want out of social before diving in. It will make a HUGE difference in the results you see once you are ready.

Now that you have a foundation you can create a social media blueprint to plan your strategy to accomplish your goals. Next week we will start a series of articles focused on each social network so you can have all the information at your fingertips on which network is best for which kind of company and see where you fit in based on your goals. We will talk about creative examples of what others are doing and you can start planning your campaigns for your social media marketing calendar.

Next stop – SUCCESS for your small business on social media!

Erin Schurtz is the VP of Marketing for FreshLime and loves all things marketing, PR, social media and small biz! To connect with her send her a TWEET, connect with her on FACEBOOK, network with her on LINKEDIN, follow her adventures as a military wife and mother on INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT (@erinelton), and read about her latest marketing tips on the FRESHLIME BLOG.