Using social media is vital for promoting your business, however it is easy to make mistakes with social media that can be damaging to your company’s image.
Don’t make these mistakes when you are posting on social media pages: 
Being Boring:
Your customers want to read content that is relevant to your business. Don’t share off topic things just so you can meet a goal for posting. Post tips and information that is relevant to your business and will help your customers out. However, don’t post content that is too technical for your customers to understand. Be willing to post humorous pictures, memes, or videos that relate to your business. Give your customers valuable content and they will reward you with their loyalty.
Being Controversial:
While controversy can get a lot of attention it is still best to avoid it at all costs. A controversial post may get lots of attention but you are likely to offend many of your potential customers. Don’t talk about politics and religion. If you do post something, such as a news story, that may be controversial don’t be forceful and push your opinion. Simply inform customers that this may be an issue in your industry or local community and keep your tone neutral.
Being Impersonal:
Social media gives you a chance to personalize your business, so take advantage of it! Be willing to show your personality. Display pictures of you working that give customers a feel for you and your business. Don’t just respond with the same generic response over and over. Participate in discussions and make sure to be genuine. Personalize your responses to customers by acknowledging what they said and including their name in your post.
Bragging About Yourself:
Facebook gives you a great platform to promote your business and show off your products and services. However, it is important to not come across as self-promoting. As a general rule most of your posts should be informative while occasionally promoting  your business and services. Just as nobody likes someone who brags too much, nobody likes following a business who only promotes themselves. Offer useful information so customers won’t tune you out when you do promote your business.
While you may not be able to completely avoid making mistakes on social media they can definitely be limited. Every mistake you make on social media can be costly for your business. Always take time to review what you are going to post to make sure it will provide value to your customers.
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