There never has been a more perfect partnership than sales reps and QR codes. Hear us out: Sales people have one common goal – Find success while helping others, right? With the use of QR codes in all of their convenient forms, sales representatives can connect with, follow up with and move forward with their customers in the simplest way possible. 

Thanks to QR codes, a quick scan with your smartphone can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go online with no effort on your end. This is a game changer for consumers who value their time and convenience most when it comes to customer service. Because sales people spend so much time focusing on their customers’ experiences and needs, utilizing QR codes should be at the top of their list.

How do QR codes specifically benefit sales representatives?

  • Using SmartConnect QR codes for leave-behind collateral makes it easy for customers to scan to open up a quick text message with the sales rep who visited their home when they were unable to answer.
  • Keeping a QR code nearby that leads to a page full of commonly asked questions for those customers who have some curiosity but want to get straight to the point. Make it simple for people to find out the answers to their questions in whatever way is easiest for them. 
  • Utilizing QR codes for obtaining and managing customer information makes the necessary task easy on both ends. Nobody wants to repeat all their information out lout while waiting for someone to say it back to ensure they are typing it correctly. Instead, allow homeowners to quickly scan a QR code where they can autofill their own information. This makes it easy for them and perfect for you to follow up later on. 

Summer sales and QR codes are the perfect combination because QR codes serve to make sales-life easier, more convenient and more successful for sales professionals and homeowners alike. 

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