As you have seen all over social media and the news today is International Women’s Day! We love celebrating just about anything we can over at FreshLime and when it comes to the incredible women that we work with day in and day out we would be remiss if we didn’t feature and honor those that make small business marketing magic happen. We work with some of the most talented women in Utah and abroad and we asked them why they love their career at FreshLime. Here’s what they had to say:

Amanda Shaw – Marketing

“I love that my career allows me to be flexible and work remotely. Because of this, I’m able to spend the majority of my time with my baby!”
Hannah Skousen – Customer Support
“I love being able to help other companies grow. I get to interact with so many different types of companies and people and help each of them succeed even more in their business.”
Olivia Zufelt – Administration
“I love working at Freshlime because I am able to interact and learn from many different personality  types within each individual at our company.   I love connecting with my coworkers who are working so hard to promote growth & abundance for each business owner that we support!”
Ally Cuneo – Account Management
“I love my career because of the different industries I work with. I love helping small businesses grow and having a different day to day is exciting!”
Elizabeth Moffatt – Marketing Strategist/Content Writer
“I love my career because writing and helping businesses succeed are my passions and I love that I get to do both in one job!”
Erin Schurtz – Marketing
“My career is fulfilling and energizes me every day to stretch my capabilities and create more, do more and help more in the world around me. I love the passion that small business owners have and helping them succeed is the best feeling in the world.”
Chelsea Carter – Marketing Consultant
“I love my career because of all the fabulous people I work with.”
Sarah Tippets – Sales
“I love working for  “jay bean” whom is a mentor, leader  and inspiration. He promotes self growth, personal accountability and more importantly he believes that you will be great. I love working for a leader that has a clear vision and pure heart. No matter your skin color, gender or background he sees the potential and helps develop you into the best version of yourself!”
Kristin Smith – Sales
“FreshLime has been a breath of fresh air for me. I love the partnership we have developed with Paychex. We go in as a team and help businesses with their operations and growth. It is so rewarding when we visit a client and they tell me they know they need to do something about their digital marketing but they did not know where to turn. I think small businesses are the core of our economy and helping these businesses grow and prosper makes me feel like I am truly doing something important.”
Elle Eyre – Digital Marketing Consultant
“Getting ahead in business especially as a small business is challenging and exciting. Experienced in Sales, Digital Marketing, Business Management & Planning, Branding, Product Planning, Process Development & Training, & Strategic Planning I can’t pick a favorite. The opportunities to have my fingers in all the “pies” from product development & placement, sales & marketing, operations & training has always excited and stimulated me. I fall in love with the mission & vision of the business and then roll-up my sleeves.
I fell in love with Jay’s vision and we share a the same love for small business and all I can say is “Preach!” when he starts sharing his cause. FreshLime is a unique place that loves, nurtures and encourages people to discover what they do best. FreshLime has turn my workplace, into a place where I meet like minded people I like, to get work done. And, I haven’t met a FreshLimer I haven’t liked yet. So if there’s a Life-Limers club I’d like to join.”
Tish Yahnker – Software Developer
“I love working as a Software Developer at FreshLime because I get to solve problems that help many different types of small businesses succeed. Also, I am able to work from home, which gives me a great work/life balance. FreshLime is a great place to work!”