The customer connection platform that moves small businesses forward

From first-time interactions to long-term customer relationships, FreshLime’s got it all.

Learn how small businesses use our Customer Connection Platform for:


Central command for your brand

Save precious time by managing your online presence in one unified platform.

See how we boost your online exposure:

Listing visibility

Increase the number of connections and conversations that come through your online listings

Online reviews

Consistently get more reviews on high-value directories like Google and Facebook

Customer engagement

Welcome new customers or bring back old ones through automated and targeted interactions


Number of online reviews for Utah Safety Emissions Testing

“I made the decision early on that I was going to build my Google presence without paying for ads, and I think FreshLime’s really come in and helped there.”

Excerpt from a customer success video for Seth Vermillion of Utah Safety Emissions Testing.


Never miss a conversation again

Offer around-the-clock interaction so that customers can connect with you when they’re ready to buy.

See how we make your business available 24/7:

Convenient connections

Let customers dictate how and when they want to connect

Real-time responses

Quickly reply to current and future customers using automated, data-driven chatbots

Instant notifications

Receive lightning-fast alerts when customers are trying to connect with your business


Of consumers want to be able to chat with businesses

“Did you know that over 80% of consumers want to be able to chat with businesses online through a web chat feature? Unfortunately for those consumers, only about 9% of businesses are delvering on that demand.”

Excerpt from “Should You Connect with Your Customers Through Web Chat?”


Where customers become advocates

Build a reputation that brings customers through your doors over and over again.

See how we make customer feedback your competitive advantage:

Reputation scores

Automatically collect reviews to show up and stand out more than industry competitors

Customer Experience

Track team member performance and customer satisfaction scores to drive improvements

Single Dashboard

Receive lightning-fast alerts when customers are trying to connect with your business


Average online rating of Mr. Oil Xpress Lube

“FreshLime has helped our business a lot. We can
now read the reviews that customers leave. Customers come in and explain that they’ve heard about our business through the reviews. We are actually getting new customers from our reviews.”

Customer testimonial from Mr. Oil Xpress Lube


Intelligent interactions that fast-track growth

Connect FreshLime to your customer database to build your brand and increase repeat business.

See how we drive more customers engagement for your business:

Custom gameplans

Utilize customer data to drive targeted messages at strategic times and places

Customer loyalty

Strengthen customer relationships through personalized interactions at every stage of their journey

Increased profitability

Spend less time and money bringing business through your doors


Greater chance of customer transaction

“The probability of selling to an existing
customer is up to 14 times higher than the
probability of selling to a new customer.”

Excerpted from Marketing Metrics, published by Pearson