Covid-19 has left almost nothing un-touched in our world, and door to door (D2D) sales are no exception. While Covid-19 has left more and more people home during the day, it has also instilled in everyone a sense of worry about being too close to others. 

More Opportunity to Catch People at Home

At the beginning of the pandemic, some 70% of workers were working remotely from their homes. Even though things have changed, still about 45% of the workforce in the United States is working (at least partially) from home. This makes knocking on the door when someone is actually home a much more likely scenario. D2D sales offers a great opportunity for people to continue reaching consumers on their terms, when the person is spending the majority of their time at their home. 

Increased Usage of AI for Businesses

Because of the need for businesses to adapt to a world where customers were not face-to-face with them for so long, many businesses have turned to AI to make sure their business continues to succeed. When a business that primarily makes money through D2D sales implements an AI tool for their salespeople, a new world opens up for those who are out knocking doors and working to build relationships. Ai contributes to businesses by:

  • Building Stronger Customer Connections
  • Customer Data Storage
  • Quick Customer Contact Information Access
  • Tracking Customer Buying Trends


On the other hand, there have been some negatives that came from Covid-19 and how it has affected D2D sales.

Social Distancing

People have become increasingly more worried about opening their doors for people they don’t know. Whether someone is concerned about contracting an illness, or whether it is just out of habit, social distancing has become a very common practice. Because of this, it is harder for D2D salespeople to get homeowners to open their doors. However, that does not mean that hope is lost on creating a customer out of them:

  • Leave behind a door hanger with your business services and a QR code so the customer can scan to chat with you. Allowing the homeowner to set up an appointment with you will make them feel more comfortable about opening the door.
  • Utilize a tool that will save customer contact information once they reach out to you through the door hanger, so you can create a relationship with them before even meeting them in person.


Working from Home

Now that so many people are working from home, many of them are too busy to come to the door. Sure, more people might be home during the day, but if they are also working, the chance of being able to meet and chat with them is much lower. This is another situation that leaving behind a quick and easy way for the homeowner to contact you so you can have their information for future reference is necessary to keep D2D sales thriving.


While some aspects of D2D sales have become easier because of Covid-19, others have become more difficult. Luckily, there are ways to make sure your salespeople are not missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

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