Chattanooga Compounding Pharmacy was originally established in 2003. They’re a pharmacy that specializes in the preparation of components into a prescription drug order. Micah Wynn joined the team back in 2005, and when the owner decided to retire last year, he and a couple of other partners decided to take over the business. 

Why Start A Business?

Micah, Tom and Kyle are the three partners that run Chattanooga Compounding Pharmacy. When the previous owner announced he was going to sell the pharmacy to a competitor, Micah went to Tom and Kyle and proposed purchasing the business themselves. Micah had worked 16 years under the previous owner, and with the timing of everything, he knew it was the ideal time to take over. “I found it to be an opportunity of a lifetime,” he told us. Ultimately Micah was ready to take on more responsibilities, and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to keep growing in an industry that he is so passionate about.

What It Takes To Run a Pharmacy 

Running any type of business, let alone a pharmacy can be very difficult, especially during a year like 2020. “We’ve been here every day since Covid started. We’re just trying to get through it like everyone else,” Micah said. Since Chattanooga Compounding Pharmacy was considered “essential” during the pandemic, luckily Micah and his team never had to close their doors. 

We asked Micah what the hardest part was about running the pharmacy and he responded with, “We’re a small business, and sometimes with any small business, you can get a little overwhelmed with all the multitasking you have to do. But all in all, at the end of the day you feel good about what you’re doing because you’re helping people.” That’s ultimately why Micah and his team decided to venture into the pharmaceutical industry, because it was an opportunity to help others and be a part of something that contributes to the well-being of others in the community.

Adapting To Change  

Micah and his team have been very fortunate to keep their doors open this last year. What’s even more exciting for his team is knowing that there’s still room to grow, and as Micah said himself, “We’re just getting our feet wet after a year.” Even with having to adapt to all of the required state mandates, the focus was always to make the customer feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and make things as convenient as possible for them. They call every single customer when their prescription is ready, and are always ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers, which makes it easier for customers to decide to keep on coming back.

With change also comes different and unique challenges. For some of those challenges, FreshLime was able to step in and help Micah’s team, “FreshLime has really stepped up and helped us with ideas to do different things.” From managing visibility to texting happy customers a review request, the Chattanooga Compounding Pharmacy team has been able to utilize FreshLime for all of their customer interaction needs. 

Continuing & Expanding 

“I think life is a journey, and you should always be learning something new. I thought to myself, let’s learn how to run a business, learn how to own one,” Micah said. When Micah was in college, he worked for major pharmacy chains that helped fuel his passion for helping others. Years later, owning a business himself has given him a sense of pride and accomplishment. His goal, just like any other small business, is to continue to grow and expand. Chattanooga Compounding Pharmacy has enjoyed serving its community since 2003, and looks forward to many more years to come!

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