Being a top competitor means that you are someone to be feared in your industry. You want to intimidate your competitors and people who are planning to open a business doing what you do. After all, you want to be the best! The best gets the most business, which means they make the most profit and thrive the most in their industry. This all sounds great, but how can you achieve these goals?


Research Your Competitors

I don’t mean you need to go into their businesses and try to get information. Instead, check out the things that are easily accessible to you. Review their website, Facebook page and Google reviews. Find out what marketing is working for them, if possible. See which products and services they target the most, and what their reviews are telling you about their strengths and weaknesses. You are in the same industry, so chances are you can learn something about your own business from them. Not only that, but knowing what they are doing and what services are their top sellers will help you to know what you should be pushing and targeting, and what works.

Have Outstanding Service & Quality

Nothing beats the quality of a service or product received, and exceptional customer service. This is the oldest method in the book, because it works. It has been proven to be effective time and time again, and without exception. There is no way to have a thriving business without quality work and showing your customers that you value their needs and their time. Don’t skimp on this, most important, aspect of your business.

Create Loyal Customers

When you have a loyal customer base, it’s hard to worry about whether or not your competitor got the most recent job from a search-er on Google or not. The nice thing is, you will likely get more business from creating a loyal platform, because of word-of-mouth referrals. Not only that, but you will not have to worry about the costs of obtaining a new customer for each and every job, but rather you can save time and money by hanging on to your customer base and ensuring that they feel the quality of your work and service enough to stick around.

Focus on Positive Reviews

The internet is impossible to avoid. As a business owner, it can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. The way you can use the internet to your advantage is by creating happy customers and asking them to help you out by leaving positive feedback online (or just by telling their family and friends about you). Nothing is a as valuable to a potential customer as the trust of a current or past customer. Your business should be a prime example online of a business who doesn’t mess around when it comes to reviews and referrals.

Run with What Works

Once you find out what works for your business, don’t let it go! Your knowledge is more valuable than you realize, and you don’t want to sell yourself short by not giving credit where it’s due. If you’ve found something that works for you and is helping you to obtain and keep customers, and increasing profit, keep it up! You don’t need an expert to tell you what you already know. Find out what works by trial and error, and go with your gut!