Get more leads and return customers


FreshLime has partnered with Veseris to grow your Pest Control business through automated text, webchat and email engagement.

FreshLime is trusted by thousands of Pest Control Businesses including...

Get more conversations with Homeowners

Thanks to our Customer Interaction Platform™, you can interact more effectively with your customers with the right message, at the right time, on their preferred device. FreshLime increases the number of conversations people have with your business, day or night.

Generate more customers

Never miss an opportunity to book an appointment with someone looking for pest control services. With FreshLime, you can collect customer leads while you sleep—making your business more available to customers than ever before, whenever and wherever they’re searching.

Drive more customer loyalty

FreshLime responds to your customers in real-time, saving you unnecessary costs and providing your customers peace of mind when the pests won’t leave them alone. With FreshLime’s modern interaction platform, you can easily and effectively communicate with customers on their terms, making it convenient to do business with you.

A Note from the Founder of FreshLime

It all started because of a small business owner.

FreshLime started as a way to help Jay Bean’s long-time friend Phil, who asked for advice on how to get his customers to come back more regularly.

Phil had a huge book of business in his local area, yet struggled to know what kind of messaging to send them to incentivize them to return. Were texts too much? Did anyone really open emails from his business? And what about Google searches–how could Phil ensure his company was searchable?

With nearly 20 years of experience building customer interaction technology solutions for local business, Jay had a lot of advice to give and realized that Phil probably wasn’t the only business owner struggling to connect with new and existing customers.

He decided to develop a valuable solution that would get Phil connected instantly with his customers when they needed his services, and the FreshLime Customer Interaction Platform™ was born.

Soon after launching, Jay received hundreds of requests from pest control professionals to customize FreshLime to meet their customer’s needs.

It’s simply, convenient customer interaction.

– Jay Bean, CEO