Monday, January 23 at 2:00pm MST is a time you will want to mark on your calendar! FreshLime’s CEO & Founder, Jay Bean, will be hosting a VIP Facebook Live video and you are invited! Jay is a 20 year small business marketing veteran, and knows all things small business and email marketing!


Here is a bit of what you’ll learn….


How to Write Effective Emails

When it comes to email marketing, you want to ensure your messaging is effective and worth the customer’s time. When you’re writing your email content, it’s important to keep in mind that your customers are likely receiving several marketing emails each week. You should start with a catchy subject line to catch their interest. For example, if you’re running a deal and you’re going to announce it in the email, be sure your subject line reflects the excitement, and the fact that they’re about to get a great deal!

When you’re sending out emails to your customer list, include any worthwhile information that they’d want to hear. You shouldn’t send out emails just to send them out. Include your contact information, any positive reviews or words from other customers, and relevant information that will be eye-catching.


How Often Should you be Marketing Through Email

You don’t want to overdo it when it comes to email marketing, because you’ll quickly lose subscribers. The purpose of email marketing is to keep your business and contact information fresh on your customers’ minds, and to inform them of anything worth their time. The sweet spot is typically sending out emails every month or quarter, to ensure you are staying fresh on their minds while still avoiding being over-the-top. Don’t be shy when it comes to email marketing, instead just be practical and keep in mind what you would like to hear and how often you would like to receive these emails as a consumer.


How to Increase Email Success Rates

The perfect way to get someone to quickly shy away from your marketing emails it to have a subject line that is inconsistent with the body of the email. Nobody likes to be tricked into opening an email that promises free this or that, and then says nothing more inside the email. It’s important to have a catchy subject line, but keep it in tune with the overall email. Another way to increase email success rates is to find a good rhythm so your emails are going out on a semi-regular basis. This doesn’t mean you need to send it out to the exact day that your last one when out. However, if you’re sending emails monthly, try keeping a steady pace instead of sending one at the end of the month and the next at the beginning.

… and so much more! You will learn the ins and outs of all things email marketing, at no cost to you, including:


– How to get over 50% open rates with every e-mail

– How to double your e-mail subscribers in just one month

– How to write the most effective e-mail content

– How to increase your repeat customer business through e-mail marketing


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