Summer is officially in full swing and so are the heat waves. The sweetness of Coke or Pepsi help you stay cool and hydrated, but we found the perfect refreshing drink without all the dyes, sugars, and unhealthy stuff. All you need is a blender and you’ll be hydrated and refreshed in no time! And it includes LIMES… our favorite:). Win win win win… winning!

Friday Fave 6-24


4 cups diced watermelon

2 cups coconut water

2 limes, juiced

Sparkling mineral water (optional)


  1. Place the watermelon in a blender with the coconut water and lime juice. Blend on high speed for a minute or so until it’s completely liquified.

  2. Pour into glass with ice and top with a splash of sparkling mineral water.

Recipe originally from: Wicked Spatula