People ignore their doorbells now more than ever, because over 20 million homes in the United States utilize doorbell camera technology. People can see who their visitors are before they even open the door, and many people don’t open their door when they have an unexpected guest. 

Many businesses thrive and do very well because of their team of door to door (D2D) salespeople, so it’s time to find ways to still reach customers even if they don’t want to open their doors. 

A recent article posted by Verizon offers the following advice, “One of the ways companies can utilize the personal approach without wasting time knocking on random doors is by integrating an appointment system. Potential customers who are interested in a product online can request an appointment to learn more about it. Many companies are transitioning to this method.”

Creating a positive customer journey for each of your past, present and future customers increases the likelihood that they will purchase from your company and become a loyal customer. But how do you do that with someone who doesn’t open their door?

  • Leave behind door hangers that introduce your business and yourself, so the homeowner knows who to expect the next time you are in their area. 
  • Provide customers with an easy way to contact you and find out more about what you offer. Making it easy to set up a time for you to come back to their home when they are expecting you makes it much more likely they will actually answer. 
  • Using a tool (like FreshLime) to keep track of your customers’ conversations with you, along with their transaction history and contact information allows you to create a better experience for your customers each and every time you interact with them. 


Doorbell cameras are going nowhere, and they will just continue to show up on more and more homes. Instead of allowing this to be an obstacle for D2D sales, make it an opportunity to grow and improve your business.

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