There are several different types of Facebook pages, or profiles, and it can be overwhelming trying to determine which you should use. When you’re creating a page for your business on Facebook, it’s very important that you select the correct type of page you want to display. Too often, businesses create a personal page for their business. This is detrimental because you then miss out on valuable insights, the ability to run ads, and easily obtaining new followers. Let’s jump right in.

Here are the different types of pages that can be created on Facebook:

    1. Personal: A personal page is for anyone and everyone to post updates about their lives, and keep up with family and friends. On a personal page you can’t run ads, promote your business very well, or view insights about your business. In order for someone to follow you on a personal page, they have to “add” you as a friend, instead of just “liking” your page. This is a process that most people won’t do just to follow a business.
    2. Local Business or Place: This is the one you want for your business! We’ll go into more detail below.
    3. Company Organization or Institution: This page type is typical for nonprofits, church organizations, e-commerce businesses and news stations. This isn’t ideal for local or small businesses (unless you’re purely e-commerce).
    4. Brand or Product: A brand or product page is typical for things such as different clothing and shoe brands, apps, appliance brands, and different brands of cars. This type of page focuses on a specific brand or product and promotes just that. Typically, this type is most effective for popular brands, such as: Rolex, Nike, Mercedes, etc.
    5. Artist, Band or Public Figure: You’ll see this type of page when you search for Taylor Swift, POTUS, or Steph Curry. This type of page allows celebrities and other public figures to post updates about their lives, and makes it so their followers can interact. This wouldn’t be effective for a business.
    6. Entertainment: If your business is as a DJ, movie maker, radio station or magazine publisher, this is for you. This isn’t typical for small/local business owners, however it’s effective if you’re in the entertainment industry. Typically, this type of Facebook page is just used to promote new movies, albums, TV stations, magazines, etc.
    7. Cause or Community: Last, but not least.. The cause/community page. This page is used for non-profits, political causes, community goings-on, etc. Again, this page type isn’t effective for business, unless you’re running a non-profit organization.

Now, to get more into the ‘Local Business or Place’ page type:

If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store and want people to physically visit you, you’ll want to opt for the Local Business or Place page type. Even if you don’t have a physical storefront, but you run a local business, this is for you. Examples of this would be: HVAC specialist, plumbers, landscapers, carpet cleaners, etc. Maybe you don’t want people to visit you, but you want to visit them. This is still the page you want to create for your business!

In order to set up your local business page on Facebook, you click the ‘Local Business or Place’ square. Then, you’ll be able to ‘choose a category’.

A long list of business categories is provided to select from, and you’ll want to choose the one that is most related to, and best describes your business.

Once you’ve selected your best match page type category, more prompts will appear for you to fill out before finishing your business page. This includes:

    1. Inputting your company name in ‘Business or Place’
    2. Filling in your business’ address
    3. Entering your phone number

After you’ve completed all of that, be sure to fill in as much information as possible about your business. You want to be sure that your followers, and others viewing your page, don’t have to search for information. They should easily see your hours, services offered, contact information, and photos of your work right away.

Remember, if you need help setting up your business’ Facebook page, our experts are just a phone call away: (800) 266-8960!

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