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We use amazing technology to grow and amplify your business.

Connecting the dots between you and your customers.

While you are running your business full-time do you have an extra 10-20 hours per week to manually pull your customer data together to connect with them in meaningful ways to drive business growth? Of course you don’t! With the FreshLime platform, for the first time you will really know who your customers are and how to stay connected with them at the most important times. Best of all you don’t lift a finger because FreshLime does all the heavy-lifting.

Get Discovered

Show up in the right places

FreshLime will ensure that you are listed correctly in all the places your customers are looking. Whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp or any of the above, we make sure that you are showing up well so you can be found.

Your customers are on social media

Are you showing up top of mind in a relevant way to capture their attention? FreshLime ensures that you are forefront in the conversation on social and that your local customers will know who you are every time they need your service.

Get Selected


Get real-time feedback immediately

The key to connecting with your customers is communicating with them in a meaningful way. FreshLime ensures that you are top of mind without spamming your way into a loyal relationship.

We care what other people think

These days, customers connect with you through what they see and hear about your business online. Through immediate follow-up we boost your reputation online and help customers see how great you are without the baggage of negative reviews.

Grow Your Business

Engage better to drive sales

FreshLime builds customer profiles for each and every person you do business with and communicates with them with analyzed data so they know that you know and care about them and their business. You win loyalty by understanding and responding to their needs – and we do that for you.

Attribution and Data Reporting

What good is a marketing plan if you can’t track it? We make sure that the engagement with your customers is driving revenue to your business because at the end of the day you need to grow to stick around. We show you what’s working, what isn’t, and make adjustments to ensure your growth.

We thought we were doing a great job at getting our happy customers to leave reviews until we started using FreshLime. 5-star reviews doubled in a short time with little effort on our part. We are very happy with the results.

Brent P., FreshLime Customer, Oil & Lube


Since partnering with FreshLime we have noticed a significant return of past customers. We have had customers contacting us who we haven’t heard from in years! Our customers are very important to us and FreshLime is our solution to not losing them to competitors. In addition, our online reviews have increased dramatically.

Toby T., FreshLime Customer, HVAC


FreshLime has really ramped up the repeat business we get in the door. It costs so much to acquire a new customer and then we let them go. But FreshLime has gathered those customers back together in one pool and we get 6x more revenue to the bottom line on a repeat customer than a new customer - and the acquisition costs aren't there.

Lawrence S., FreshLime Customer, Plumbing

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