Startups are what keeps the business industry alive. After all, all businesses were a startup at one point. At FreshLime, we love small businesses, entrepreneurs and, of course, startups. When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to focus on what you’ve done right and how much you’ve grown, when you often feel overwhelmed. Well, good news, we’re here to boost your confidence. Whether you’re the owner or employee, here are some of our favorite things about startups:


Focused and Driven

According to research from Deloitte,“More than 70 percent of Millennials expect their employers to focus on societal or mission-driven problems.” When you run or work for a startup, you have a mission and you are focused on it. Starting a business starts with solving a problem. When you are working at a startup, you are at the ground-level of solving said problem. Startups are known for being focused and driven. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with dreamers and those who are driven to fulfill those dreams?


Learning & Problem Solving

Working at a startup means you will be doing a lot of learning and problem solving. When you have just started a business, or started working for a new business, there will be lots of kinks. That’s just the nature of anything new that’s just starting out! The good news is, you get plenty of practice with solving those problems, and you’ll be learning something new everyday. Working for a startup means you aren’t just learning about your specific business or industry, but instead you’re learning about business as a whole. It’s a unique experience for every employee!


Opportunities for Advancement

When you feel like you have nowhere to go, and no room to grow, you start to feel bored and maybe even defeated. The good news about a startup is there are so many opportunities for their employees to advance. If you start working at the beginning, as the company grows, you become the go-to expert. If you want a job that has plenty of room for growth and opportunities for higher positions, a startup is for you!


Freedom to Innovate

Entrepreneurs are innovators. We all know that to be an entrepreneur is to be hardworking and creative. Whether you have started your own business, or began working for a startup, there is lots of freedom to innovate. When you have that creative outlet at work, it makes it feel a lot less like “work”. Whether it’s coming up with product tweak, marketing methods, or something else within the company, the freedom to innovate is very refreshing for everyone.


FreshLime loves startups, and that’s why we focus so much on small business. If you aren’t already involved with the startups in your community, now is the time to start!

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